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15 Examples of Badass White Braids We Are Adored By

This page is devoted to white braids in all their diversity. Be sure to pin the images you like to your Pinterest boards, or save this link for later, as we will add even more pictures of white braided hairstyles for your convenience.

What White Braids Women Wear Today

White braids are usually created with extensions. So, your base hair color can be of any shade. And you may get a full head of white braids without any bleaching or dyeing your locks. Great news! The trendiest variations are shown below.

– Gray and White Braids. Braid just one side of your head adding blonde extensions and create a Mohawk-like hairstyle.

IG: @etohairdetka

– Intricate White Braided Design. This braided hairstyle can be done on all base hair shades with the help of blonde hair extensions. Plait them close to the scalp and then create any design you want, even the most complicated.

IG: @touchedbytb

– White Scalp Braids. This look can be created on medium and even short haircuts.

White Cornrow Scalp Braids
IG: @hair_mdfction

– White Braided Ponytail. A beautiful combination of thin scalp braids and thick goddess braids will give you a cool look.

White Braids in a High Ponytail
IG: @afroposya

– White Braids and White Twists Combo. Don’t stick to only one method of braiding, combine several different types of braids and twists.

Long White Box Braids
IG: @as.tranca

– A Mix of Black and White Braids. Such mixed box braids are in top trends this year.

Black and White Box Braids
IG: @baiana_braids

– White Khaleesi Braids. This hairstyle is worth to be created on the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen’s locks. And yours.

White Braids with Curls
IG: @artstu10

– White Braids in a Big Twisted Bun. These braids will become a good protection for your natural curly hair.

White Braids in an Oversized  Top Bun
IG: @fatma_lisubeautyparlor

– Cool White Braids with Hair Rings. White hair braided into your darker locks will create a look that will completely change your appearance and mood too. For the better!

White Braids in a High Ponytail
IG: @afro.ely

– Thick White Cornrow Goddess Braids. This is a cool hairstyle definitely worth sitting in the hairstylist’s chair all that 3-4 hours!

White Fulani Braids
IG: @braids_star

– White Fulani Braids. Thin face-framing braids may easily become a dream come true with a pack of white hair.

Tribal White Braids
IG: @victoria_sirotina

– A Bun with White Braids at the Nape. Braided design at the nape is something that you can hide and then expose by creating a top bun. Braided underneath is a hot trend right now.

Two White Nape Braids Back View
IG: @extention_samaneh

– Half White Braids and Half Black Plaits. A hairstyle that creates that desired WOW-effect.

Half White Half Black Braids
IG: @thay_nago

– White Single Braids with Wire. Show white braids are beautiful as they are, but if you add colorful accessories, e.g. wire or threads, the look will become even more noticeable and badass.

Single White Senegalese Braids
IG: @nesamua

– Brown and White Braids for Parties. Glitter part makes this hairstyle a good choice for any party. Don’t add a glitter and you have a hairstyle for every day.

White Dutch Boxer Braids with Glitter Part
IG: @ellystanbeauty

White braids can become your next look, you just need to find a good braider. Or to watch youtube video tutorials and get some braiding skills yourself. Women often braid their hair in knotless and different single, tribal, box braid styles. Anyway, several packs of white hair, a pro or youtube vids, and voila, you slay the new stunning white braided look! The dream may come true easily!