Short Haircuts

100 Pixie Cut Photos for Your Hairspiration

If you are looking for new photos of pixie haircuts and hairstyles, be ready to stop here and find what you need. We are going to post only the best pixie cuts here, as well as show how you can style your short pixie hair too. Pin if you like pixie as we do!

– Dark Brunette Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut. The haircut itself is quite basic, but the way the hairstylist styled it is more than just non-banal. Just look at that zig-zag parting! Glamorous!

Dark Brunette Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with a Zig-Zag Part
IG: @emerson_ferrazoficial

– Messy Gray Pixie Hairstyle. The top is longer and spiky, the sides and back shorter and undercut.

Best Gray Pixie Cuts
IG: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

– Korean Long Pixie Haircut. Korean hairstyles are in right now, and this pixie bob too.

Korean Pixie Hairstyles
IG: @i._hair_issei

– Two-Tone Pixie for Older Women. Darker underneath and blonde top layer pair well and make a hot duet for 2024.

Pixie Cuts for Older Women
IG: @beautyby_shan

– One Side Long, One Side Short Pixie Cut. One more detail that makes this haircut a trend is the bronde hair color combination.

Blonde Pixie Cuts
IG: @sarah_louwho

– Dark Roots and Shaved Nape Pixie. Will be this pixie so stunning without the dark roots? Root shadowing is a thing now. A haircut instantly gets more volume and dimension.

Pixie Haircuts with Undercuts

Pixie cuts are something we, women, sometimes crave for, and sometimes hate. There are girls that are in love with this way of hair cutting, and other ladies may say that pixies are too androgynous. But the fact is that pixie hairstyles constantly have a lot of attention. Hate them or love, pixies will always be in trend and in high demand. And one more thing: There really exists an ideal pixie cut for everyone! You just need to find the right crop for your face shape and style of living.