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The Best Ideas of Brown Bob Haircuts

Here we are collecting the best photos of brown bob haircuts for women. Check out and choose your next bob hairstyle which you will take to the hair salon. We are going to show you different brunette bobs, starting from light brown bob cuts, to darker bobs, like chocolate, mocha, and other shades. Of course, different brown bob hair lengths will be also included.

– Long Brown Bob with Front Blonde Highlights and Balayage. This haircut with high-contrast streaks could win the brown bob hairstyles contest if it existed… Seriously stunning!

Brown Lob with Highlights
IG: @desanj1

– Warm Brown Wavy Bob Hairstyle. Extra feminine and soft. Who doesn’t like this type of hairstyles?

warm brown bob hairstyle
IG: @emerson_ferrazoficial

– Extra Short Brown Bob Hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is called a pixie bob haircut or the BIXIE cut. This simply means that your hairstyle is a golden mean between a traditional bob and a pixie cut. Not a bob yet, but far beyond the length and style of the classic pixie cut.

Very Short Brown Bob aka Pixie Bob or Bixie
IG: @mila_kryshchykhina

Is brunette bob a trend right now? Of course yes! Bobs will never go out of style, and as far as brown hair is very popular because of its low-maintenance, brown bob hairstyles are also always in! Just choose your desired hair length, as there exist various longer bob versions (shoulder-length / medium-length) or shorter (chin-length / ear-length), and the shade (from light bronde tones to the darkest almost black brunette tints), and you are ready to sport your new trendy haircut!