Short Haircuts

39 Pixie Cut Photos for Your Hairspiration

If you are looking for new photos of pixie haircuts and hairstyles, be ready to stop here and find what you need. We are going to post only the best pixie cuts here, as well as show how you can style your short pixie hair too. Pin if you like pixie as we do!

1. Dark Brunette Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut. The haircut itself is quite basic, but the way the hairstylist styled it is more than just non-banal. Just look at that zig-zag parting! Glamorous!

Dark Brunette Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with a Zig-Zag Part
IG: @emerson_ferrazoficial

2. Straight Side-Swept Pixie. For a sleek vibe, try this straight, shiny pixie with side-swept bangs that create a refined outline. The rich chocolate brown color is warm and natural, providing a look that’s elegant and easy to wear, perfect for low-maintenance styling.

Brunette Sleek Straight Pixie
IG: @justindillaha_hair

3. Pixie with Rich Brown Highlights. This pixie cut blends choppy layers with subtle highlights to create a dynamic texture that feels fresh and adaptable. The warm tones of the highlights add depth, while the tousled styling reflects a carefree attitude.

Asian Pixie Cut

4. Messy Gray Pixie Hairstyle. The top is longer and spiky, the sides and back shorter and undercut.

Best Gray Pixie Cuts
IG: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

5. Textured Layered Pixie. This lively cut features choppy layers that create a tousled and textured look full of movement. Soft, piecey bangs shape the hair around the face, making this pixie hairstyle both flattering and fun.

Brown Pixie Side Bangs

6. Two-Tone Pixie for Older Women. Darker underneath and blonde top layer pair well and make a hot duet for 2024.

Pixie Cuts for Older Women
IG: @beautyby_shan

7. Rust-Toned Pixie. This pixie style features a striking rust-red color and cascading layers that create a sense of depth and movement. The deep side part and flowing bangs accentuate your facial features, offering a bold twist on the classic pixie.

Red Pixie Auburn Color

8. One Side Long, One Side Short Pixie Cut. One more detail that makes this haircut a trend is the bronde hair color combination.

Blonde Pixie Cuts
IG: @sarah_louwho

9. Pastel Pink Pixie. Inspired by fairytales, this pixie cut is dyed a soft pastel pink. Feather-light layers are styled to lift at the roots, giving an airy and delicate feel that complements your features.

Patel Pink Pixie

10. Dark Roots and Shaved Nape Pixie. Will be this pixie so stunning without the dark roots? Root shadowing is a thing now. A haircut instantly gets more volume and dimension.

Pixie Haircuts with Undercuts

11. Swept Bowl Pixie. This pixie bowl cut combines a soft, feathered silhouette with layers that gently frame the cheeks. Subtle highlights enhance the texture, giving it a light and airy appearance.

Classic Brown Pixie

12. Bouncy Curly Pixie. Embrace your curls with this lively pixie cut, featuring tightly coiled ringlets that add bounce and energy. Carefully crafted layers shape the curls around your face, creating a dynamic and lively style.

Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyle

13. Korean Long Pixie Haircut. Korean hairstyles are in right now, and this pixie bob too.

Korean Pixie Hairstyles
IG: @i._hair_issei

14. Platinum Side-Sweep Pixie. Choose a chic look with this platinum blonde pixie cut. Side-swept bangs elegantly frame the forehead, while the short sides blend seamlessly into a longer, textured top, offering a range of styling options.

Korean Pixie Cut

15. Vivid Copper Pixie. Make a statement with this vibrant pixie cut in a fiery copper color. Expertly layered to create natural fullness at the top, this style is easy to manage and sure to turn heads.

Red Pixie Copper Tone

16. Glossy Sculpted Pixie. For a polished look, try this pixie with glossy hair swept forward at the bangs. The precise cut blends edgy elements with refined elegance.

Pixie Dark Hair Brown Skin

17. Shaggy Blonde Pixie. This variation on the classic pixie features shaggy layers and blonde highlights that add texture and depth. The carefree, tousled look is youthful and spirited, perfect for a wash-and-wear style.

Shaggy Blonde Pixie

18. Stylish Silver Pixie. Flaunt your style with this silver pixie cut! The luxurious silver hue adds instant flair, with closely cropped sides transitioning into a slightly longer, textured top for easy styling.

Silver Platinum Pixie

19. Pixie with Textured Bangs. This pixie cut is full of texture, with tousled layers that add volume and a playful touch to the classic style. Deep, side-swept bangs soften the look, making it suitable for any age or occasion.

Pixie Cut Older Women

20. Swept-Back Pixie. Achieve a sleek look with longer, swept-back top layers that create movement. Shorter sides emphasize the clean lines of your face for a sophisticated finish.

Red Back-Swept Hair

21. Textured Silver Pixie. This pixie cut combines a mix of natural silver color and black underneath tone with textured layers for volume and a current silhouette. Feathered bangs shape the hair around the face.

Platinum Pixie Cut
IG: studiosheilabuenooficial

22. Pixie with Feathered Fringe. This pixie style plays with texture and movement, featuring a feathered fringe that sweeps across the forehead. Choppy layers throughout give a sense of volume and add interest.

Pixie with Fringe Bangs
IG: @zinoveva_elena

23. Pixie Bob with Blonde Highlights. Combine a pixie and a bob with this blend of light and shadow. Wheat blonde highlights catch the light, contrasting with a darker base, while the haircut falls gracefully around the jawline.

Feathered Pixie Bob Brown and Highlights
IG: @diegomarcsant

24. Classic Blonde Pixie. A timeless cut, this style includes short, neat layers and blonde hues that bring out a youthful glow. Tapered sides and longer pieces on top add volume and create a sleek profile.

Classic Blonde Pixie Cut
IG: @cagrisaclikuafor

25. Blonde Curly Pixie. This cut showcases beautiful blonde curls in a fun pixie that shapes the face with softness and volume. Airy and light, it’s perfect for showing off personality and charm while keeping maintenance minimal.

Blonde Curls Pixie
IG: @shorthairexclusive

26. Edgy Spiky Pixie. For a bold look, try this layered pixie with textured, spiky layers that give a modern, rebellious update to the traditional pixie. Tapered sides and a voluminous top create a dynamic contrast that can be styled sleek or tousled.

Spiky Pixie Blonde Hair
IG: @shmoakin_hair

27. Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie. Add an element of surprise with this asymmetrical style. Tousled blonde layers are cut precisely, providing texture and a light, breezy feel for an effortless, stylish look.

Silver Blonde Pixie Hairstyle
IG: @alexei.fedorko

28. Grown-Out Light Pixie. For those growing out their hair, this pixie cut makes the most of light blonde curls with volume and grace. Soft layers highlight the hair’s texture.

Blonde Light Cut Pixie Style
IG: @mila_kryshchykhina

29. Charming Spiky Pixie. Defined spikes give an edgy touch to this classic short hairstyle. Textured layers and subtle highlights create a playful, polished look.

Spiky Blonde Pixie
IG: @troisbeaute

30. Messy Layered Pixie. Piecey bangs and choppy layers combine for a carefree yet captivating look. Contrasting lengths within the cut add edgy dimension, while tousled styling keeps it soft and approachable.

Piecey Pixie Cut
IG: @thelocksoflondon

31. Side-Parted Pixie. A deep side part gives this straight pixie a modern edge, ideal for highlighting the eyes. Longer top layers are swept to the side, providing a look that transitions easily from day to night.

Sleek Side-Swept Pixie Bangs
IG: @pamela_cabelos

32. Brown Curls Pixie. This pixie hairstyle embraces natural texture with lively brown-color curls that create volume and energy. The layers are masterfully shaped! That’s why they accentuate the curl pattern perfectly.

Brown Curls Pixie
IG: @estudiocamaleoa

33. Wavy Bangs Pixie. For a modern twist, try this cut with soft, curled wavy bangs that shape the forehead and eyes. The texture gives it a playful yet refined look.

Wavy Pixie with Fringe Bangs
IG: @giboazhair

34. Vibrant Red Pixie. Make a bold statement with a vibrant hue. The layered texture brings a whimsical feel, updating the traditional pixie silhouette.

Vibrant Red Pixie Cut
IG: @haircolorkilla

35. Tousled Pixie with Volume. This short cut is a breath of fresh air with its natural, tousled style and a full top that brings a fun element. The soft, cool blonde color complements the light, airy feel of the pixie.

Voluminous Pixie with Undercut Sides
IG: @shmoakin_hair

36. Platinum Pixie with Layers. Shine with a white shade and piecey layers that create a chic, textured look with ample volume. This hairstyle shows off style and character.

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut
IG: @ed.schons

37. Pixie with Long Side-Swept Bangs. This charming pixie has a sharp side-swept bang across the whole forehead. Dynamic layers throughout provide a full-bodied look. Add subtle highlights to your locks if you want to bring out more texture.

Asymmetrical Black Pixie Cut
IG: @_jenny_hairstylist_has_dhruva_

38. Shaggy Pixie. Enjoy the energy of these shaggy layers that create a beautifully textured and voluminous look. Side-swept bangs add a softness, shaping the face.

Messy Shaggy Pixie
IG: @stacy_stylist

39. Pixie with Dark Roots. This pixie combines ash blonde with dark roots, creating a silhouette that’s both edgy and stylish, ideal for fashion-forward individuals.

Dark Roots Blonde Pixie
IG: @monabani_hairstylist

Pixie cuts are something we, women, sometimes crave for, and sometimes hate. There are girls that are in love with this way of hair cutting, and other ladies may say that pixies are too androgynous. But the fact is that pixie hairstyles constantly have a lot of attention. Hate them or love, pixies will always be in trend and in high demand. And one more thing: There really exists an ideal pixie cut for everyone! You just need to find the right crop for your face shape and style of living.