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70 Trendy Butterfly Haircuts You Need to Consider for This Season

Curious about the butterfly haircut? Wondering what types are available and if it will flatter your look? Find all the answers in this inspiring article, complete with pictures. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is a Trendy Butterfly Haircut?

What exactly is a butterfly haircut? It’s defined by face-framing layers and bottom layers, often with multiple rows of layers. Check out the back view pictures below to see this distinctive feature. Can this style be done on short (bobbed), medium, and long hair lengths, as well as on straight and wavy hair types? Definitely YES! Check out below!

The Butterfly Cut vs the Wolf Haircut

The butterfly haircut features face-framing and back layers with feathered ends. In contrast, the wolf cut is choppy with fewer layers at the back and less feathering. However, these styles are often combined, allowing for a mix of choppy and feathered hair strands.

70 Marvelous Ideas of the Butterfly Haircut

Explore trendy butterfly haircuts of various lengths and styles in the following text, complete with captivating pictures!

– Cold-Toned Blonde Butterfly Haircut. This haircut complements not just curtain bangs, but also a see-through arched fringe.

blonde butterfly haircut with bangs

– Medium-Tone Brown Rom-Com Hairstyle. This cute medium-tone brown rom-com hairstyle has pretty effortless waves cascading down and framing the face. A perfect co-star for life’s memorable moments, isn’t it?

brown chocolate butterfly rom-com hairstyle with big curls

– Fluffy Butterfly Hair Style. Want to elevate your brunette hair look this season even more? This mission is possible with a chic and playful fluffy butterfly haircut like this one. Feel free to experiment with hair shades and texture, trying different styling tools and methods, and investing in good hair products that will help to hold that movement.

soft voluminous big wavy butterfly hairstyle for special occasions

– One-Color Soft Brown Rom-Com Haircut. Rom-com hair strikes the ideal balance between long layers and a shag, giving you maximum volume and flow without sacrificing length. It’s like a modern take on the iconic styles of the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s, offering a fresh and bouncy look that’s full of movement and life.

modern butterfly haircut 2024 spring summer

– Blonde Beige Butterfly Cut. Behold this marvelous face-framing layering with long curtain bangs. C’est magnifique!

butterfly haircut with face-framing bangs

– Chocolate Brown Color Butterfly Hair Cut. This haircut’s silhouette falls somewhere between a shag and a mullet, but with added layers.

shaggy mullet butterfly haircut

– A Light Blonde Voluminous Butterfly Style. The right shade of blonde can enhance your skin tone and eye color.

beige blonde butterfly hair style

– Brown Butterfly Hair Style with Caramel Highlights. Add warmth to your brown hair with caramel highlights.

the best butterfly hair cut

– Trendy Hazelnut-Brown Butterfly Cut with Babylights. Looking for an exquisite long brunette butterfly cut adorned with subtle balayage highlights here and there? Consider this breathtaking idea!

layered butterfly locks long

– Feathered Blonde Butterfly Cut. Stylists often pair this cut with long, layered, and feathered curtain bangs for a chic look.

heavy-layered butterfly cut

– Blonde Butterfly Cut with Thinned Out Ends. For a lighter look at the ends, consider thinning out your hair from the midshaft.

thinned-out butterfly cut with a fringe

– Trendy Korean Butterfly Haircut. Achieve this look with straight hair, thin bangs, and softly layered ends.

Korean butterfly hair style

– Light Butterfly Style with Dimension. Create dimension by using multiple shades in your hair for added depth.

summer butterfly cut for women

– The ‘Rich Brunette’ Butterfly Hairstyle. Embrace the rich brunette trend with the stylish butterfly silhouette for a stunning look this season.

butterfly cut shoulder-length

– Black and Pink Butterfly Cut. Combine two trends with the butterfly cut and colored underneath. Opting for black and pink creates a striking contrast.

butterfly cut black and pink underneath

– Black Colored Butterfly Hair Cut. Ensure your hair is healthy for the best look with a black butterfly cut; shiny, silky hair works best. Use the right hair care products for your locks.

long black butterfly cut

– Toffee Brown and Caramel Butterfly Cut. Choose either a cool mix or warm shades for your hair; here, the blend of toffee brown and caramel creates a harmonious look.

butterfly cut for black women

– Blonde with Dark Roots Butterfly Cut. Dimension can be added not only with highlights, but also with darkened roots.

blonde butterfly cut on medium hair

– Warm Brown Medium Butterfly Cut. Sometimes the layered bangs can reach half of the length of your hair. And it’s OK, but you will need to learn how to blow out them right.

simple brown butterfly haircut

– Burgundy Feathered Butterfly Hair. Here you see the back view of the butterfly cut, and now you know how many layers you will have if you choose this cut too. Marvelous!

burgundy red butterfly haircut

– Ashy Butterfly Cut with Money Pieces. This combo looks great on this young model, but it can also be a great transitional hairstyle for seniors.

butterfly haircut with balayage highlights

– Butterfly Cut with a Side Part. Your butterfly cut will look good with a center part and with a side flip. Don’t fear to change the part. You may even try the zig-zag one.

feathered butterfly haircut

– Brown and Caramel Butterfly Hair with Face-Framing. The face-frame is created with heavy layering and front highlights. The back of the hair is less highlighted.

butterfly haircut with face-framing feathering

– The Ombre Balayage Butterfly Haircut. In this haircut only the ends are layered. The top part is completely straight. And this is one more variation of the trendy butterfly cut.

butterfly haircut with balayaeg

– Brown Butterfly hair with a Blowout. We have already said that the blow-out is very important in the post-salon hair care of your butterfly haircut. BTW, you will not necessarily need to style your hair with heat very often. There are many ways to create the ‘fake blowout’. Check out on youtube.

trendy butterfly hair cut

– Butterfly Haircut Transformation. If you need changes in your life, don’t just cut bangs. Call your hairstylist and book the haircut and hair coloring services. Butterfly cut will be a great idea for your transformation.

butterfly hair cut before-after image

– Straight Medium Butterfly Hair. If you have straight hair, the butterfly cut will give you a reason to curl/blowout the ends a bit. You will get a whole new look. Say no to boring limp locks!

butterfly hair cut with shorter curtain bangs

– Dark Mocha Brown Layered Butterfly Cut. Long hair will definitely benefit from adding some layers here and there. All the examples of long butterfly cuts here are real masterpieces! Hard to choose…

butterfly hair cut with long bangs

– Butterfly Cut with Colored Front. A great idea when you or your teenage daughter get bored.

butterfly hair cut with colorful money pieces in the front

– Milk Chocolate Butterfly Cut with Darker Roots. This classic shape of the butterfly haircut will flatter medium and short hair lengths.

warm brown butterfly hair cut

– Gray Hair Butterfly Haircut. Yes, haircut of this kind is for all age groups. And look at the gray balayage. These highlights and lowlights are just perfect got graying hair.

butterfly hair style for older women over 50 and over 60

– Armpit-Length Butterfly Haircut. With the butterfly cut you have no chance to give up on proper hair care routine. Without the right bottles and hair styling you may end up with flat locks. Good for you. Our hair is what? A crown we never take off, right.

butterfly hair cut with face-framing layers

– Dark Chocolate Butterfly Cut with Curly Ends. Your feathered ends can be not only blow-out in the right manner, but also curled a bit for better definition and more volume.

dark butterfly hair style with curly layers

– Butterfly Hair with Full-Head Highlights. Your highlights can be done in strategically chosen places or full-head as we see in this picture. The layers with well-defined highlights are the ‘next level’.

highlighted balayaged butterfly hair style

– Black Hair with Ashy Highlights. Thin ashy gray highlights will make your dark locks stun. Not every woman will be bold enough to wear this head-turning combo. Are you?

high-contrast highlights butterfly hair style

– Beach-Style Blonde Butterfly Cut. Beach blonde hair with highlights and layers is what all blondes who crave soft changes need this year’s summer. Maybe you will find your surfer boy? 😉

light brown butterfly hair style

– Curled Golden Copper Butterfly Hair. Volume on top, curls from the midshaft of the hair, and the perfect red-blonde shade that flatter your skin tone – these elements are all you need for your next visit to the salon if you like this picture.

golden copper butterfly hair style

– Butterfly Haircut with Eye-Grazing Bangs. If you decide to cut bangs, first call your hairstylist, and then choose the fringe that flatters your face shape and hair texture. Straight hair likes all types of bangs, and long thin see-through ones are not an exception.

butterfly hair style with straight bangs

– Wolf-ish Butterfly Cut. The border between the hot wolf cuts, shags, mullets and butterfly hairstyles is quite uneven. What we suggest is to combine the elements and shapes of several of them and create your own trendy style.

before after butterfly hair style with bangs picture

– Dark Butterfly Cut Past Shoulders. Here we see the two-step layered bangs, and then a lot of layers on the ends. A scheme worth trying if your hair type is the same as the model’s.

brunette butterfly hair style

– Raven-Black Thick Hair with a Butterfly Cut. All dark brunettes rejoice! The butterfly haircut looks magnificent on your one-tone dark hair. This picture is proof.

raven black butterfly hairstyle

– Dark-to-Light Brunette Butterfly Cut. Like a classic ombre but much better, right? The bangs are also highlighted a bit.

ombre butterfly hairstyle

– Orange and Peach Butterfly Hair with a Fringe. The cheek-length curtain bangs are colored in a lighter peach shade here, and this looks super-stylish!

orange peach butterfly hairstyle

– The Minimalistic Butterfly Haircut. No heavy layering, no extra texture. Just the slightest touch of scissors here and there to make the cute face-frame and add a bit of dimension.

very dark butterfly hairstyle

– Butterfly Cut with Flipped Back Layers. Here we see a great idea of how to get your hair out of your face. All the layers are styled back.

chocolate brown butterfly hairstyle

– Black Butterfly Hair with Some Highlights. We all know that beach-blonde looks with ‘sun-kissed’ highlights. What about the same sun-kissed highlights in brunette hair? Highlights the ends of your hair, cut your locks with layers, curl the front strands and the ends, and voila, your super cut is ready.

black hair butterfly hairstyle

– Butterfly Cut Medium Hair. If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, fear not. Butterfly cuts are good for such hair types as they don’t need much styling. Healthy hair + a bit of ‘flipped’ styling at the ends are all you need.

dark butterfly hairstyle

– Extra Long Butt-Length Butterfly Haircut. This look is without any curling or special blow-out, so you can see how a butterfly cut can look completely straight. Stunning in any case!

long thin fine butterfly hair

– Super-Long Thick Butterfly Locks. The ends of your hair can be curled with a flat-iron, with a curling wand/thong, or styled heatless overnight. With some silk curlers, or even with traditional flexi rods in socks, for example.

very long butterfly hair

– Very Long Stick-Straight Butterfly Hair. Even the straightest types of hair hold that butterfly-cut feel if styled right. Some practice and you will get the trick.

trendy butterfly hair long dark locks

– Thick Brown Butterfly Hair. We already know that butterfly cuts look good on types 1-3 hair, for finer and thinner hair textures too, but what it can do on the thick locks! Just look at this picture. Jaw-dropping.

butterfly hair trend examples

– Classic Blonde Shade with Butterfly Cut Texture. The standard blonde shade with a warmer appearance is great for women of all ages. Your main aim is to perfect the tone, getting rid of all the unnecessary undertones (greenish, yellowish or too warm reddish).

butterfly hair ideas

– Wheat-Blonde Butterfly Cut. It almost reaches the peach and strawberry blonde hair shades, but is still on the blonder side. Warm, girlish, romantic, it deserves to be tried and tested, especially during warmer months.

butterfly hair images

– Ash-Platinum Butterfly Style Haircut. Such hair shades in hairstyles flatter women with colder skin shades.

butterfly hair pictures

– Medium Red-Brown Butterfly Cut with Bangs. When aiming for a butterfly haircut, clear communication with your stylist is essential. Bring a picture to show exactly what you envision and request layers that start at chin level and taper down, resembling butterfly wings. Easy!

red brown butterfly layered cut

– Jet-Black Butterfly Cut. How to style the butterfly cut? There are several approaches to styling this trendy haircut. If you want pronounced, well-defined layers and good volume, use heat-styling tools. Of course, there are heatless methods to achieve a stylish look without applying heat.

dark black butterfly cut

– Big Waves Butterfly Hairstyle. Add voluminous waves to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Pair it with layers of varying lengths to enhance this effect.

Butterfly Cut with Big Waves in Hair rom-com hair

– Polished Bouncy Butterfly Haircut. The butterfly cut suits various face shapes thanks to its gentle, ‘one-size-fits-all’ layers that can be easily customized. Want to enhance specific features like the cheekbones? Or lips? Maybe chin, collarbone, or shoulders? Its adaptable lengths and trendy layered design will provide a personalized look for you.

light blonde layered butterfly cut with highlights rom-com hair

– Brunette Single Color Butterfly Cut. This cut would perfectly suit the pages of the most trendsetting editorials and fashion magazines! Cascading down in sultry, ebony waves, this butterfly cut frames the face with its playful layers, fluttering effortlessly like the delicate wings of a beautiful midnight butterfly.

dark brunette rom com hairstyle butterfly cut

– Warm Blonde Long Rom-Com Hair. This cut is an ode to the golden hour! Several golden hues, from the softest champagne to the richest amber, create a harmonious blend of color.

blonde butterfly rom com hair

– Chic Butterfly Cut with Midnight Waves. Here the butterfly cut transforms flat dark locks into a sea of soft, bouncy, and voluminous waves! It’s both a bold and wearable choice that can bring an edge to everyday elegance.

volumizing black hair butterfly hairstyle rom com haircut

– Side Part Hair into a Center-Part Butterfly Cut Transformation. The strategic money piece highlights enhance the dimensional play of light and shadow in these locks. It’s a refreshing take on the classic long bob, but made more in the ‘old money’ style.

butterfly cut with front blonde money pieces
length-hair.juancarlos + ashleenormanhair + muyvette

– Easy-Maintenance Color Long Butterfly Cut. This is definitely a hairstyle that will adapt flawlessly to all possible types of occasions, whether it’s a casual brunch or a glamorous soirée under city lights!

hot chocolate butterfly rom com haircut

– Natural Silver Gray Butterfly Cut. Embrace the elegance of your gray hair with a chic butterfly haircut like this one! This cut is pretty easy to style with the right hair tools and products. Also, learn several tricks to blow it out properly.

Gray Silver Butterfly Cut for Older Women over 40 50 60 70 80

– Pretty Burgundy Butterfly Haircut. Wow, each strand here is infused with rich, wine-inspired hues! The chin-length layered curtain bangs add playfulness to the look.

burgundy butterfly rom com haircut

– Silk-Straight Hair with Butterfly Layers and Curled Bangs. Draping like silk, this solid black butterfly haircut cascades down to armpit-length. The curtain bangs are softly curled at the ends.

straight raven black hair butterfly cut rom com hairstyle

– Black and Ash Butterfly Rom-Com Cut. This voluminous butterfly cut is luxurious! It has it all: soft cascading layers, a flowing silhouette, natural bounce and movement, and a touch of glamour. What else do we, chic fashion connoisseurs, need?

long brunette locks with layers butterfly cut rom-com style

– Dark Coffee Brown Butterfly Cut with Burnt Auburn Highlights. The top layers of the model’s hair here are cut shorter. This allows them to beautifully “float” above the longer hair layers underneath! Highlights were added to the lengths and ends of this cut strategically: they enhance the dimension of the cut, making it more dynamic.

brown and auburn butterfly cut

– Chunky Highlights in the Butterfly Cut. Chunky highlights offer a myriad of possibilities in color and placement. Whether it’s two bold strands framing your face, a thick skunk stripe for a statement look, or an array of chunky stripes throughout your hair, the options are endless. Unsure of what to choose? Trust the expertise of your colorist and follow your instincts to find the perfect match. This butterfly cut with multiple thick highlights is adorable!

butterfly cut with chunky highlights

– Black Butterfly Cut with Blonde Face-Framing Highlights. The following black butterfly cut is elevated to new heights with these cool trendy blonde face-framing highlights (aka ‘money pieces’).

black hair with blonde highlights on butterfly cut

As you see, butterfly haircuts are very universally-flattering and look super cute. Is something left that stops you from trying it this year? It is the next-level layered haircut we will never be tired of. Worth our attention.