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40 Newest Middle Part Bob Haircut Ideas for 2024

Middle part bob haircut is a never-dying classic that is always on point. No matter the trends and seasonal catwalk fashion, a properly chosen center-part bob will only improve your look and make it chic, feminine, stylish. Check out the most beautiful parted bobs in the gallery below.

What Types of Middle Part Bobs Do Exist?

As all other bobs, the middle part bob exists in several most popular shapes, and may be cut on different hair types and textures. The most known and asked in hair salons are such bob hairstyles as:

– middle parted weave bob

– center-parted sew-ins

– short middle part bob

– medium aka shoulder-length centre-parted bob

– long middle part bob also known as the center-parted lob

What styles of bob haircuts with a middle part do exist? You can opt for an angled middle-part bob, an A-line, a stacked, a blunt or jagged layered bob, concave, graduated, etc. – the only one ‘must’ for this type of bob will be a well-defined center part. Let’s finally check out the pictures.

– Blonde bob with darker center-part. The cutest middle-part bob we have ever seen! Blonde hair color and dark roots are a match made in heaven!

Highlighted Center-Parted Bob with Balayage
Credit: @yukistylist

– Neck-length blonde bob with slight highlighting. Straight or wavy, it looks perfect and leaves anyone speechless.

Blonde Wavy Middle Part Bob
Credit: @chrisjones_hair

– Beautiful stacked bob haircut with a middle-part. Just look what a great transformation occurred! This is what we call real hair art.

Stacked Middle-Parted Bob Haircut
Credit: @styled_by_carolynn

– Dark brunette blunt cut bob with center parting. Looks slightly crimped – this effect you may create with a modern beach waver. The size must be chosen according to your hair length.

Crimped Center-Parted Bob
Credit: @bescene

– Neck-length bronde middle-parted bob with light front strands. These face-framing highlights can correct all you need if placed right.

Center-Parted Bob with Beautiful Highlights
Credit: @tabetha_and_co

– Shoulder-length dark brunette bob. What a cute version of the center-parted bob that fits any fall outfit and makes any Instagram photo top-rated! Pair with your favorite sweater. Summer dresses will also go well with it, fear not.

Cute Feminine Middle Part Bob for Dark Brunettes
Credit: @stebunovhair

– Very long middle-parted bob with thin blonde money pieces. Money pieces are colored front strands and they are the top trend of this year. Don’t miss your chance to wear it and collect tons of compliments.

Very Long Center-Parted Bob with Front Money Pieces
Credit: @nicolashalak @maddyburciaga

– Black hair bob with bright underneath highlights. This is what we call a real badass look. Strict top layer, and fun bright streaks under it. Perfect!

Black Center-Parted Bob with Bright Peek-a-Boo Highlights
Credit: @hairbynoora

– Ashy light brown center-parted lob. Center part and side bangs? Yes, please.

Ashy Brown Middle Part Bob
Credit: @bloandfil

– Mousy brown hair with a middle part. Pair this color with a rounded shape and you are ready for any pro photoshoot! Any outfit will pair with this cute bob perfectly.

Classic Rounded Middle Part Bob
Credit: @hair.helga

– Clavicle-length bob with a middle part and curtain bangs. Finally! It is impossible to write an article about middle-parted bobs and not to include the version with trendy curtain bangs! So, if you were wondering if it is OK to wear a middle-part bob with bangs, here is proof. Yes, you can!

Middle Part Long Bob
Credit: @anhcotran

– Braided middle part bob with the so-called Jungle braids. Cute, isn’t it? Any braids will look good in a center-parted bob, we swear!

Center-Parted Bob with Jungle Braids
Credit: @zumbahairbeauty

– One-tone white-blonde bob with a perfectly bleached middle part. Just be sure to ask your hair colorist how to maintain the color properly. This process has a lot of nuances.

White Blonde Straight Middle Part Bob
Credit: @ziabyrd

– Chin-length black parted bob with messy texture. No need for a bright makeup. The more defined hair color, the less bright lipstick, and eye shadows are needed.

Middle Part Black Bob
Credit: @yukistylist

– Platinum A-line bob with front highlights. Looks so chic! A right decision for any modern it-girl.

Center-Parted Bob with Thick Highlights
Credit: @yasinatalayinn

– Center-parted bob hairstyle with big bouncy Hollywood waves. These locks are a dream come true for any straight-haired girl!

Middle Part Bob in a Retro Vintage Style
Credit: @tomsmithhd

– Highlighted center-part bob with curled under ends.

Cute Brown Middle Part Bob with Caramel Highlights
Credit: @thekriksters

– Center-part bob with chain embellishments.

Center-Parted Bob with Accessories Silver Chains
Credit: @svetlana_koroteeva

– Full-looking blonde bob haircut with darkened roots.

Blonde Center-Parted Bob with Dark Roots
Credit: @rafaelbertolucci1

– Long angled highlighted middle-parted bob from dark blonde to light blonde hair color.

Middle Part Bob for Older Women
Credit: @natulya._lya

– Black curly middle-part bob haircut. This can be your real hair, or any sew-in or other weave extensions.

Center-Parted Bob Sew Ins
Credit: @mzflybeautician

– Cruella-like black and blonde split dye middle-part short bob.

Cruella Split Dye Middle Part Bob
Credit: @miowstudio

– Full-looking wavy bob in a soft blonde hair shade.

Center-Parted Bob for Full Faces
Credit: @kristakstorm

– Dark-red bob with front lighter strands and gorgeous waves. Center-parting and front strands frame the face beautifully!

Middle Part Bob in a Red Hair Shade with Bleached Front Strands
Credit: @kevinkelly.hair

– Blonde sleek middle-part bob for thinner and fine hair types.

Thin Center-Parted Bob in a Blonde Shade
Credit: @julia.vorontsova.blond_.expert

– Ginger-red wavy bob with a center-part. So simple and so stunning.

Ginger Red Middle Part Bob with Soft Waves
Credit: @hairemirakgun

– Dark coffee brown hair color, bob haircut and middle part. A trio that will steal your heart forever! Even past many years having long locks you will call this bob ‘that perfect lightweight haircut’ you once had and always want to cut again.

Solid Brown Middle Part Bob
Credit: @hairbyhenrixxon

– Short middle-parted bob for women who wear glasses. A bob, a center-parting, and glasses? No problem. This mission is possible!

Center-Parted Bob for Women with Glasses
Credit: @hair.helga

– Middle-parted lob with chunky highlights. This zebra-like hairstyle is a trendy and more elevated version of thick highlights, that so many women want to copy rn. And you know what, all new is really well overlooked old.

Center-Parted Bob with Chunky Highlights
Credit: @espejosbeautysalon

– Short slick straight-hair middle parted bob. Will grab everyone’s attention so it is created for bold women only. Try it!

Middle Part Bob for Thin Fine Hair Types
Credit: @emrahdemircii

– Warm reddish blonde roots and lighter creamy blonde ends. A right length, and you are a goddess.

Messy Center-Parted Bob
Credit: @eastonhair

– Platinum blonde long bob with shadow roots.

Icy-Blonde Middle Part Bob
Credit: @daisy_goord

– Toffee brown bob on straight middle-parted hair.

Light Brown Center-Parted Bob
Credit: @crafthair

– Dark brown hair color with bright red face-framing strands.

Dark Brunette Center-Parted Bob with Front Red Strands
Credit: @chelsea_cuts

– Dark chocolate angled middle part bob with a slightly stacked back.

Dark Chocolate Middle Part Angled Bob
Credit: @centro_degrade_joelle

– Icy-blonde cold shade with a middle parting. You can give it a slightly blueish or purplish tint with a hair toner.

Platinum Blonde Center-Parted Bob
Credit: @baldmonkey_hairmakers

– Brown bob cut with blonde underneath.

Brown Center-Parted Bob with Blonde Underneath
Credit: @baldmonkey_hairmakers

– Gray ombre bob hairstyle with a center-parting.

Middle Part Bob with Shadow Roots
Credit: @baldmonkey_hairmakers

– Butter-blonde bob with a center part and without bangs. The slightest highlighting included.

Center-Parted Blonde Bob
Credit: @anhcotran

A middle part bob is a haircut you can always opt for if you want a classic stylish look that will fit good both at work and at parties. It can be styled very business-like, and can be super messy and casual if needed. Add accessories and create a festive look, straighten your locks and create a strict sleek hairstyle, add beachy waves and be a heartbreaker on a romantic date. You choose.