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14 Beautiful Ideas of Gray Braids for 2024

It’s great that women wear their gray hair in all lengths nowadays, and prefer to do braids rather than cut their marvelous locks. Moreover, even youngsters opt for silver gray looks today and don’t regret! Salt and pepper braided hairstyles look stylish and trendy, check out the ideas below.

Braided Hairstyles for Gray Hair

Gray braids that you’ll see below are very beautiful and modern. Moreover, they look professional and youthful. What more do we need for a new look?

– Gray Mohawk Braid. A great transitional hairstyle. If you need something stylish and badass at the same time, look no further. Your natural graying hair will look non-banal in this braid and beautiful white and gray shaved sides will show who is the boss here.

Gray Braided Mohawk with Shaved Sides
IG: @nerminyes

– Gray Braided Bob. If you like bob haircuts and braids, you may mix these two styles in one beautiful hairstyle. Braided bob with gray accents looks super-trendy and natural.

Gray Braids Bob
IG: @espacobie

– Gray Box Braids with Cuffs. These gray braids have white blonde tips that create the ombre effect. Also, some warm gold cuffs are added.

Gray Box Braids
IG: @vitoriaoliveira.trancista

– Gray Ghana Braids in a High Ponytail. A gray braided ponytail is a hairstyle that can be worn more than comfortably! Thick Ghana braids are more low maintenance than thin cornrows.

Gray Braids in a Ponytail
IG: @trancaafro_

– Big Gray Goddess Braids. You may wear gray braids despite your base hair color. Here we see gray scalp braids that together with natural dark locks create a stunning highlighted effect of the plaits.

Thick Gray Ghana Braids
IG: @studionayoliveira

– Gray Hairstyle with a Side Braid. If you wear silver gray locks, your hair will look marvelous in a high bun updo with a side braid and a soft curled face-framing tendril.

Gray Braids with a Bun
IG: @natalymirandahair

– Gray Cornrow Braids. Braid just the front area of your hairline with elegant thin cornrows, and leave the rest of your hair naturally curly. The WOW-effect is guaranteed.

Gray Braids with Curls
IG: @sabrinasbeauty

– Gray to White Box Braids. This is probably the most classic box braided look in a gray color. You may also leave some baby hairs in the front for more elegance.

Gray Braids with Ombre Effect
IG: @karolliramakeup_

– Dark Gray Braided Braids. Looks like an optical illusion, right? Braided braids with a trendy ombre effect are something ethereal and worth craving for in 2024.

Gray Twisted Braids in a Plait
IG: @lokon.sokol

– Two Braids and Space Buns on Gray Hair. Pinned this look for my 50s! Two upside down braids and two high ‘pigtail’ space buns are worth tons of compliments!

Gray Braids with Space Buns for Older Women
IG: @braidbabeanna

– Silver Gray Braided Ponytail. The extra volume is created thanks to the shadow roots and the right teasing method.

Gray Side Braid with a Pony
IG: @shaunas_big_tease

– Thick Gray Scalp Braids. Call them cornrows, scalp braids, Goddess braids, or Ghana braids – anyways a hairstyle like this one will steal your heart forever.

Gray Cornrow Braids
IG: @_afromama_

– Very Dark Gray Box Braids with White Tips. A Cruella-like dark gray and white braided hairstyle in this hip lengths is something out of this world. Get ready to be in the center of attention whenever you go.

White and Gray Braids
IG: @angelayass

– A Mix of Gray Braids and Twists. For real badass girls! Why choose only braids or just twists if you can opt for a combo?

Gray Braids Half Up Hairstyle
IG: @dreads_for_you

Would you wear one of these variation of gray braids? We hope that this article shed a light on this topic and proved that gray braided hairstyles are really cool and you don’t necessarily need to cut your locks just to make them more low-maintenance. Gray braids can be stylish at any age!