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40 Beautiful Ideas of Gray Braids for 2024

It’s great that women wear their gray hair in all lengths nowadays, and prefer to do braids rather than cut their marvelous locks. Moreover, even youngsters opt for silver gray looks today and don’t regret! Salt and pepper braided hairstyles look stylish and trendy, check out the ideas below.

Braided Hairstyles for Gray Hair

Gray braids that you’ll see below are very beautiful and modern. Moreover, they look professional and youthful. What more do we need for a new look?

– Gray Braids with Undershave. This edgy and modern combination of gray braids and an undercut will be a bold addition to your style. Blending traditional braiding with undercuts and undershaves is always a good idea.

Gray Braids and Shaved Nape
IG: @rndbraids

– Gray Mohawk Braid. A great transitional hairstyle. If you need something stylish and badass at the same time, look no further. Your natural graying hair will look non-banal in this braid and beautiful white and gray shaved sides will show who is the boss here.

Gray Braided Mohawk with Shaved Sides
IG: @nerminyes

– Gray Braided Bob. If you like bob haircuts and braids, you may mix these two styles in one beautiful hairstyle. Braided bob with gray accents looks super-trendy and natural.

Gray Braids Bob
IG: @espacobie

– Gray Box Braids with Cuffs. These gray braids have white blonde tips that create the ombre effect. Also, some warm gold cuffs are added.

Gray Box Braids
IG: @vitoriaoliveira.trancista

– Gray Ghana Braids in a High Ponytail. A gray braided ponytail is a hairstyle that can be worn more than comfortably! Thick Ghana braids are more low maintenance than thin cornrows.

Gray Braids in a Ponytail
IG: @trancaafro_

– Big Gray Goddess Braids. You may wear gray braids despite your base hair color. Here we see gray scalp braids that together with natural dark locks create a stunning highlighted effect of the plaits.

Thick Gray Ghana Braids
IG: @studionayoliveira

– Black to Light Gray Braids. These long braids transitioning from a dark gray at the roots to a lighter silver-gray towards the ends, that fall well past the shoulders, are both practical and fashionable. Look bold and stylish wherever you go.

Black to Light Gray Braided Hairstyle with Ombre
IG: @rndbraids

– Gray Hairstyle with a Side Braid. If you wear silver gray locks, your hair will look marvelous in a high bun updo with a side braid and a soft curled face-framing tendril.

Gray Braids with a Bun
IG: @natalymirandahair

– Gray Cornrow Braids. Braid just the front area of your hairline with elegant thin cornrows, and leave the rest of your hair naturally curly. The WOW-effect is guaranteed.

Gray Braids with Curls
IG: @sabrinasbeauty

– Gray Braids and Dreads. If you are looking for a non-banal multi-dimensional and textured look, opt for a similar cascade of varied gray-toned braids. Fashion-forward aesthetic every braid lover needs in their life!

Gray Braids and Dreadlocks
IG: @rndbraids

– Gray to White Box Braids. This is probably the most classic box braided look in a gray color. You may also leave some baby hairs in the front for more elegance.

Gray Braids with Ombre Effect
IG: @karolliramakeup_

– Dark Gray Braided Braids. Looks like an optical illusion, right? Braided braids with a trendy ombre effect are something ethereal and worth craving for in 2024.

Gray Twisted Braids in a Plait
IG: @lokon.sokol

– Two Braids and Space Buns on Gray Hair. Pinned this look for my 50s! Two upside down braids and two high ‘pigtail’ space buns are worth tons of compliments!

Gray Braids with Space Buns for Older Women
IG: @braidbabeanna

– Silver Gray Braided Ponytail. The extra volume is created thanks to the shadow roots and the right teasing method.

Gray Side Braid with a Pony
IG: @shaunas_big_tease

– Thick Gray Scalp Braids. Call them cornrows, scalp braids, Goddess braids, or Ghana braids – anyways a hairstyle like this one will steal your heart forever.

Gray Cornrow Braids
IG: @_afromama_

– Very Dark Gray Box Braids with White Tips. A Cruella-like dark gray and white braided hairstyle in this hip lengths is something out of this world. Get ready to be in the center of attention whenever you go.

White and Gray Braids
IG: @angelayass

– A Mix of Gray Braids and Twists. For real badass girls! Why choose only braids or just twists if you can opt for a combo?

Gray Braids Half Up Hairstyle
IG: @dreads_for_you

– Peppered Micro Braids Bun. Embrace a timeless style by gathering thin braids into a large twisted bun at the crown of your head. Mix lighter and darker shades of gray for a stunning peppered effect.

thin gray braids

– Silver Cuffed Gray Braids Bob. These jawline-length braids adorned with silver cuffs elegantly frame the face and neck, leaving a lasting impression.

gray braids bob with cuffs

– Gray Cornrow Fusion with Fulani Braids and Bun. This creative hairstyle combines cornrows, traditional Fulani braids at the front, a voluminous top bun, and thick three-strand braids at the nape, all styled in a chic gray hue. It’s a bold choice guaranteed to make a stylish impact!

scalp cornrow braids to the back  with top bun

– Half-Up Gray Braids with Waves. A romantic mix of braids and curly waves in a half-up style creates a whimsical and versatile look that suits any occasion.

gray braids with curls

– White-Gray Chunky Braids with Flowing Ends. This ethereal hairstyle blends chunky single braids at the front with soft waves that flow into long, loose ends. Some braids are gathered into a ponytail while others cascade freely, creating a modern and graceful appearance.

gray braids with straight strands
IG: @artstu10

– Varied Gray 3-Strand Braids. Experiment with bold gray shades and diverse braid sizes, mixing straight and curly strands for a striking and varied hairstyle.

silver gray braids with curly strands

– Gray Braids with Rooted Look and Metallic Accents. Achieve a light gray look without dyeing your brunette hair by incorporating cornrows, three-strand braids, and a high ponytail. Add metallic rings for an extra touch of sophistication.

gray braids into ponytail with cornrows

– Gray Braids and Loose Spiral Curls. Combine loose, wavy gray locks at the back with front cornrow braids for a contrast that highlights the stunning gray-platinum shade.

gray cornrow braid with massive curls for women over 50

– Side-Swept Dark Gray Braided Bob. This graceful bob features thick gray braids styled into a side-swept look, perfect for senior women seeking a dignified yet stylish appearance.

dark gray braided bob

– French Curls at the Ends. This gorgeous collection of French curl braids begins with a deep natural black at the roots and gradually changes to a vibrant light gray at the tips. For a fun and contemporary twist on braided hairstyles, this look is perfect.

gray French curl braids
IG: @ayya_hair

– Silver Gray Plaited Mohawk. These silver-gray box braids are styled into a striking Mohawk, featuring a shiny, metallic finish that ensures they stand out. We’ve discovered our new favorite braided hairstyle!

gray braided mohawk
IG: @bynrobyn

– Gray Braids with Curls and Undershave. Smooth gray braids combined with a sharp undercut and playful curls could be your next favorite style if you love bold, eye-catching looks that are also low-maintenance.

gray braids shaved head curly ends
IG: @braidsandbeautybysomah

– Gray High Braided Ponytail. Long, gray braids styled into a high ponytail can become your go-to look, seamlessly fitting any casual or formal occasion. You’ll make a statement whether you’re at work or enjoying a night out.

long gray braids in a high ponytail
IG: @naay_silva3

– Square Partings and Curls. These gray box plaits are meticulously divided into square sections, creating a stunning symmetrical appearance from the roots. They then cascade into playful curls.

gray square parted box braids with curly ends
IG: @hairbysusy

– Ash-Silver Lemonade Braids. Sleek lemonade braids in a cool gray hue cascade elegantly to one side, offering a trendy and distinctive look. These braids are expertly woven close to the scalp.

gray lemonade braids
IG: @braidedroots

– Gray Side Plaits. Looking to infuse a bit of bohemian chic into your silver-gray hair? Try incorporating two Dutch braids on one side. This hairstyle is perfect for a relaxed day or an elegant evening out!

gray side braids
IG: @josievilay

– Plaited Mohawk Ponytail. This beautiful hairstyle showcases rows of tightly woven, delicate braids starting from the front and gathered into a loose, Mohawk-inspired ponytail. The short sides give the appearance of shaved temples and back.

gray braided Mohawk with undercut sides
IG: @naturally_be_you

– Single Braids in a Gray Color. This collection of single braids, carefully styled in a gray shade with a metallic finish, is absolutely gorgeous! Bold and edgy yet elegant, it’s ideal for anyone looking to make a statement with their hair!

gray single braids
IG: @glamourhair_by_latoya_

– Silver Curls and Cornrows. This hairstyle features cornrow braids along the sides that transition into a crown of lush, coiled curls on top, creating a look that is both striking and unforgettable.

gray scalp braids with curls at top for older women
IG: @weslayourgray

– Fulani Hairstyle with Beads. Delicate, tightly braided plaits that begin at the front and taper down in a traditional Fulani pattern offer a stylish twist and a comfortable choice for individuals of all ages!

short gray tribal braids with beads
IG: @lebs_k2

– Two Braided Buns. Consider opting for two large, gray braided buns if you’re looking to make a bold statement and showcase your unique style.

gray braids in two buns
IG: @venezuka

– Thick Cornrows with a Low Bun. Braiding the hair in this manner highlights the natural contours of the head, creating a sleek and polished silhouette.

thick gray cornrows with low bun

– Braided High Bun. These slender gray braids are gathered at the crown in a large, oversized bun. This stylish bun pairs wonderfully with fashionable glasses and bold red lipstick.

gray thin braids in a big oversized bun

Would you wear one of these variation of gray braids? We hope that this article shed a light on this topic and proved that gray braided hairstyles are really cool and you don’t necessarily need to cut your locks just to make them more low-maintenance. Gray braids can be stylish at any age!