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35 Green and Pink ‘Watermelon’ Hair Colors and Hairstyles

If you are looking for pink and green aka ‘watermelon’ hair color ideas, check out the pictures below. We have found a lot of images from the sweetest pastels to the brightest neon options. All hair lengths and hair types included.

The WATERMELON Hair Trend in 2024

As always, we begin a new post with a list of the most popular ideas of the hairstyle – in this case of the watermelon hair. The options women ask for the most often are:

– green and pink bob haircut with money piece highlights;

– long green-to-pink hair ombre;

– watermelon undercut (most often hidden);

– pink and green dyed underneath (aka ‘peek-a-boo’ highlights);

– ‘half and half’ green and pink hair;

– green hair with pink roots, and vice versa, etc.

35 Watermelon Hair Pictures

Time to check out the photos:

– Long pastel hair with undercut nape. And a cute watermelon at this nape undercut area. Hide it for your work, reveal for parties.

Watermelon Undercut with Long Hair
IG: @kcerenahair

– Neon pink hair with bright green money piece front highlights. If you want to try bright hair colors, we advise you to do this on short hair. Bob haircuts are the ideal canvas for such experiments. Watermelon bob, what can be cuter?

Green and Pink Hair Color Watermelon
IG: @hairbyac_alcorn

– Blue-green shoulder-length bob with pink face-framing highlights. A bit shadowed hair color combination, softer and pastel-looking. Choose it if you are afraid of too dramatic changes in your appearance. Neon pink and green hair is not for all, let’s be honest.

green hair with pink face framing bangs aka watermelon
IG: @seolahair

– Blue-green hair with two pink pigtail buns and watermelon undercut at the nape. Opt for the green-to-pink ombre and a nape undercut with a watermelon design if you are a really bold person. Attention guaranteed!

two space buns and watermelon undercut for women
IG: @_megmoon

– Half green, half pink hair. Shorter hair lengths are better for women who love hair experiments. You will be able to restore your locks after bleaching quicker, and thus your experiments can be done more often. This year you can still try the half and half hair trend. But don’t be limited to black and blonde hair colors only. Bright pink and green are the hits of 2024 too!

half green and half pink watermelon hair color dyeing job
IG: @seolahair

– Long pink bob with green face-framing strands. The color idea is the same, but the lob length makes the whole hairstyle a bit different. Also, try changing your hair part from time to time. Helps to get out of a hair rut

long bob pink and green watermelon colored
IG: @gerilynghaisarzadeh

– Green to pink long hair ombre. Possibly, you will need one more ‘transitional’ hair color (here we see a blonde line between green and pink parts) that will help to make the transition softer. Your hair colorist will advise you what colors to choose!

hair ombre green to pink
IG: @hairby_candace

– Unicorn pastel watermelon green-n-pink hair. Mix the softest shades of blue-green and pink and enjoy your new unicorn look. Here the colors are mixed horizontally, first we see the blue-green roots, a thick pink ombre stripe, and blue-green ends. Stunning!

pastel watermelon hair color idea green and pink
IG: @mo_raven

– Green hair with pink roots. Colored roots – why not? You promised yourself to have fun this year! Just do it. No regrets.

short green bob with pink watermelon roots
IG: @ivanaluxe

– Green and pink curly hair. Watermelon curly hair anybody? Yes, please! I would wear this hairstyle all summer!

curly pink and green hairstyle
IG: @honeyhairlab

– Watermelon hair for kids. Why not let your dearest child to sport something interesting on her hair this season? One colored stripe (oh, sorry, a watermelon stripe) will make her even happier!

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @racheljbeauty

– Watermelon green and pink hair underneath. One more idea of the hidden watermelon hair underneath. A very popular hair trend RN, check out more pictures on Instagram.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @theglamhousehuddersfield

– Only nape colored. One bright detail and it makes such a big difference! Hide this accent when needed, and show it in a few seconds by tying hair into a ponytail.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @lifeazzastylist

– Pink hair with green dip-dye ends. You know what stuns most in this hairstyle? The bangs are also dip-dyed! Attention to details is super important in hair coloring!

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @handoverfisthair

– Green hair with pink highlights. Long green locks with pink highlights is a bit unusual hair color combination, agree? But how stunning it looks! The watermelon hair trend has so many options!

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @emcolorshair

– Pink to green ombre on medium hair. Barbie pink and menthol green hair shades pair perfectly and create a stunning eye-catching look. So fresh!

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @jessfntastic

– Hidden pink to green ombre hair underneath. Hidden hair ombre? Is this even possible? 🙂 We wish we knew this earlier… In our 20s.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @_vibrantvicky

– Bright green haircut with pink bangs and money piece strands. Probably, one of the trendiest hair ideas this year. What can be easier and quicker than simply dyeing two front strands and bangs a completely different hair color? Choose a shade of green you like, and match it with your favorite shade of pink. Easy!

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @katelsmac

– Teal green hair with dark crimson pink roots. Shadow roots in pink hair color are a hair option worth trying despite the season. Choose cooler tones for winter, and warmer for summer. Or listen to your heart and do the opposite.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @glamgarage_hairdetailing

– Watermelon pink and green bangs. Just fringe colored can become a fun accent in your hairstyle. Moreover, you can bleach and dye your bangs at home, with your own hands! Cool!

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @pandacreativecolors

– Natural curly hair half pink, half green. Lime green and Barbie pink hair colors also match well in one hairstyle, be it the half and half dyeing scheme, or the balayage highlighting technique.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @prettygirls_incurls

– Shiny pearly green hair with bright pink roots. Here we see something a bit different than classic shadow roots. The technique is much closer to the root melt, where colored roots are longer.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @hampsonshair

– Long half pink, half green hair. Not sure if this really looks like a watermelon… but the result is undoubtedly stunning.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @bright_beautiful_hair11

– Blonde hair with pink and green underneath. Our eyes are by now so used to bright watermelon hair ideas, that this option looks like a black sheep! But now we understand that this hair trend is super diverse. Dye the top layers, ends, or underneath of your hair in watermelon green and pink shades to sport it, you choose.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @alyssawiener

– Pink bob haircut with slightly green ends. This pink and green bob pairs well with glasses. Be sure to learn how to style it right for a proper amount of volume.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @_vdolls

– Alternative pink and green hairstyle. Need a god alt hairstyle for this season? Here it is! Dyed bangs and face-framing strands are a hit RN. But if you want an even more stunning result, of course opt for the watermelon pink and green shades.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @samiskinnerhair

– Bright pink hair with green underneath. Pink hair shade is bright, and the teal green is pastel. Contrasts in hairstyles always attract more attention. Just imagine how it looks in a ponytail!

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @malissashairart

– Half pink, half green hair with bangs. This photo shows a hairstyle with bangs and two cute small twisted pigtails.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @haircreationsbyhannah

– Green and pink pixie haircut. Pixie cuts also deserve to be bright. The idea of half and half hair can be implemented on super short locks too.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @wintertaylorhair

– Pink pixie cut with green shadow roots. Shadow roots can be not only brown and black, but also colorful. Choose a darker gray-green shade to add dimension to your feathered pixie.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @kashmanianbeautystudio

– Green-to-blue-to-pink ombre hair. Here one more hair color is present, and it’s blue. So cute!

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @hairby30abarbie

– Green and pink wig. Don’t want to dye your own hair? Buy a wig. Watermelon wigs exist in all shapes and shades, you just need to find your perfect one.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @realjudimoody

– Long ash blonde hair with pink and green underneath highlights. An idea of how to recreate the watermelon hair trend on your super long hair. Long hair is harder to dye, and post-salon maintenance will be more complicated. So, definitely try dyed underneath first.

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @2ndhaussalon

– Pink roots, yellow highlights and blue-green strands. The trio you deserve for this season. The transition between colors looks so soft and feminine. Like a sorbet.

watermelon pink and green hair
IG: @hairbymegara

– Pink to green ombre wavy hair. Straight watermelon colored hair is great, but your hairstyle will look even more stylish if curled a bit, use any curling method you like, be it a heatless waves method, an overnight bun or an option with hot curling tools (flat-irons, curling tongs, curling irons, etc.).

watermelon green and pink hair
IG: @sinala_studio

Watermelon hair is for the boldest. If you like attention wherever you go, go for one of these sweet green and pink hairstyles, and your mood will be always good.