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20 Cutest Denim Blue Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Wanna try blue hair color, but don’t know which shade exactly to choose? What about the denim-blue tone? Denim blue hair color is a mix of blue, gray, ashy tones, and can be a great fit for all base shades, and all skin colors. Check out the pictures below!

Who Can Try the Denim Blue Hair Color?

Actually, the only rule we have here is the perfect health of your hair. If you have a darker base shade, you will need to bleach your tresses. Bleaching means some damage. If your locks are already damaged, bleaching will make everything even worse. So, firstly, restore the health of your locks. Have beautiful healthy hair? Go for the denim blue hair shade without any hesitation. If you have blonde hair, you can dye your locks denim blue without bleaching. However, don’t forget about the post-salon hair care. You will need to care for your newly-dyed hair anyway. Colored strands need much more attention.

What Skin Colors Denim Blue Hair Color Fits Best?

It depends on many factors. What is your eye color? What is your base hair shade? What placement of color will you choose? Maybe you will want to color only several strands. Or, you will choose the all-over denim blue hair coloring. The main rule of choosing the shade of your hair is choosing colder hair shades for colder skin colors, and warmer hair colors for warmer skin shades. Denim blue is neither too cold, nor warm, so it can be a great fir for colder and warmer skin colors. Experiment together with your hair colorist!

20 Trendiest Denim Blue Hair Color Ideas and Hairstyles

Ready to see the most beautiful denim hair ideas? Here they are, scroll and pin which ones you like the most:

– Long Denim Hair with Wavy Ends. Here we can see how beautifully long flowing hair with curled ends look. Worth giving it a try, isn’t it?

denim blue hair long and wavy
IG: @evilhair_

– Light Curly Denim Hair. Curls in this shade look marvelous! Just imagine that you have the same blue curls! The light denim blue color will be a great fit for all women who love the mermaid hair colors and hairstyles.

denim blue hair light and curly
IG: @bescene

– Denim Blue Hair in a Plait. Here we can see how the denim blue shade looks in a plait, and this can’t be left unnoticed. You will be the center of attention wherever you go. If you like to turn heads, here is your option for sure.

denim blue hair braid
IG: @artistic.aestheticss

– Denim Blue Long Hair with Darker Roots. This picture shows us the cutest denim blue hairstyle with soft waves. Moreover, this time the waves are created from the roots, not from the midshaft. The ombre effect looks gorgeous!

denim blue hair color photo
IG: @noyrhair

– Denim Colored Bob Haircut. How about blending gray with blue, getting a perfect denim blue-gray shade? This color combo is flattering for women of all age groups. Gray is the new black now!

denim blue hair bob
IG: @emmihookeditup

– Raven-Black Hair with Denim Blue Underneath. ‘Underneath hair colors’ are a hot trend RN and you can see here why. Having a pretty standard upper hair color, you can have a fun underneath shade and switch your looks depending on your mood.

denim blue hair underneath with black hair
IG: @mghairboston

– Dusty Ashy Denim Color. We cannot even give this perfect hair shade just one single name… It is a bit dusty, a bit ashy, grayish and blue at the same time. Moreover, we can see a soft ombre effect starting from the darker top and ending with paler ends.

denim blue hair ombre
IG: @hairbeauty00

– Denim Hair with Dark See-Through Lowlights. Blue and black can seem incompatible, as their mix can appear too high-contasting. However, here we see that if you mix blue color with some thin dark strands, the result is seamless and cute, without harsh lines.

denim blue hair with black lowlights
IG: @hairbeauty00

– Blonde Hair with Denim Blue Highlights. One more idea how to wear denim blue shade is in a form of highlights. If you are not ready to go for a full-head denim blue hair color, opt for this variation.

denim blue highlights on blonde hair
IG: @goranviler

– Hairstyle with Brown Top and Denim Blue Ends. A shaggy haircut with bangs in a mousy brown color and denim blue shade looks stylish and very on-trend. Stand out from the crowd with a really cool hairstyle!

brown and denim blue hair
IG: @hairbyelvisp

– Denim Blue Dip-Dyed Hair. As we can see, the cold denim blue color pairs well even with the warm shade of blonde! BTW, you can always dye some strands or like here only the ends of your hair with semi-permanent or temporary hair dyes, which easily wash off.

dip-dyed denim hair
IG: @haircolorkilla

– Denim Blue Top Layer of Hair. Shoulder-length haircuts are more low-maintenance, and, thus, you can experiment easily with them. This medium haircut is dark, but the top layer is dyed denim blue. Cool! Less colored strands, less damage!

denim blue hair medium shoulder-length
IG: @kalicolourshair

– Denim Blue Pixie Haircut. Women with short hair like to experiment with their crops, as buzz cuts, pixies and bobs allow you to change your color more often. Longer hair is harder to experiment with. Not every long-haired woman will make decision to radically change her image. Short denim hair looks cool and playful. Give this shade a try and enjoy every minute of your life!

denim blue short hair
IG: @kurzhaarestylen

– Denim Blue Ombre Balayage. Pair your brunette locks with denim blue balayage. Just look how cool it will look with the trendy jeans clothes!

denim blue hair ombre balayage
IG: @number_76

– Denim Blue Colored Half Updo with a Bow. Lighter money pieces framing the face and highlights here and there make the hairstyle dimensional.

jeans blue hair color ideas
IG: @shafaqnovruz

– Denim Blue Underneath Hair. Shags, mullets, wolf cuts – how can you add even more style to all these trendy haircuts? Add blue underneath and your hairstyle will become even bolder.

denim blue hair underlayer
IG: @stylesbygabi

– Denim Blue Hair Mohawk. To be more precise, it is a faux Mohawk, created from the curls. The sides are left darker and slicked, the top is curly and wild. We like it very much, and you?

denim blue hair
IG: @stylezbyjoslyne

We hope you liked this article and these denim blue hair color options, pin what you like, share with your friends, and save for later for your next visit to the salon. You deserve to have the most beautiful hair color! Don’t skip your regular appointments with your hairstylist and hair colorist, as hair is a crown you never take off!