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20 + Most Beautiful Blonde Braids Ideas You Will Want to Try

Blonde braids are something all women with natural blonde or dyed blonde hair wanna try nowadays. You can sport blonde braided hairstyles to any formal or informal event and always stay stylish. Check out the pictures below and find out what blonde braids are considered the trendiest in 2024.

Blonde Braided Hairstyles That Are Worth Attention in 2024

So, what are the trendiest braids you can sport on your blonde hair? These are all French braids, Dutch plait variations, fishtail braids, crown braids, and all types of blonde braids with extensions. What will you choose?

– Very Beautiful Blonde Braid with Dark Roots. The iconic viral look that has been shared on Instagram and Pinterest dozens of times. No wonder why. It looks gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

Blonde with Dark Roots Braid for Special Occasions
IG: @tonyastylist

– Two Different Types of Blonde Braids. Of course, they can be done on any base hair color. However, in blonde shades these braids are stunning and unrivaled.

Blonde Dutch Braid and Blonde French Braid
IG: @hairbyjaxx

– Two Face-Framing Mini Braids. A hot trend from the past years that is still very in. You can also decorate these two front thin braids with hair rings.

Face-Framing Blonde Braids in the Front
IG: @morganhairco

– Crimped Blonde Mohawk Braid. A good old braided hairstyle that looks marvelous on blonde hair. Crimp it before creating a Mohawk for more volume.

Blonde Mohawk Braid Crimped
IG: @asmashinggoodlife

– Blonde Crown Braid. A classic ‘royal’ look worth tons of compliments.

Feminine Blonde Crown Braid
IG: @hairbyhannahtaylor

– Blonde Braid into a Ponytail Hairstyle. The blonde braid we see here is a great addition to any special occasion look. Such braided ponytails are a must-try for proms, weddings and birthday parties. Save it for later and give it a try asap, you won’t regret it.

Blonde Braid into Ponytail
IG: @wedlocks_

– Pink and Blonde Braided Hairstyle. Add a bit of pink to your blonde braids for more interest.

Blonde Braided Hairstyle with Pink Highlights and Back Comb
IG: @tiffanymhair

– Two Brown to Blonde Ombre Braids. Probably the most Pinterest-worthy hairstyle in this selection.

Brown and Blonde Two Braids
IG: @paintslikeschmidt

– Multiple Blonde Braids aka “Boxer Braids”. This hairstyle with blonde braids will be great for casual errands, for doing sports, and for any formal event as well.

Blonde Braids Cornrows
IG: @gorgeous.braid

– Big Swirled Blonde Braided Bun. These blonde braids are done on darker base hair shade, so this is a good example of how you can try a blonde hairstyle without bleaching your brunette hair. Just buy extensions in one of the blonde shades and braid them into your hair. Wear your blonde braids loose or in a huge oversized bun.

Blonde Braids Bun
IG: @nozhan_baft_jashnvareh

– Two Blonde Pull-Through Braids. Darker roots, two blonde braids aka ‘pulled-through braids’ and bangs – what can be more feminine and stylish today?

Two Cute Blonde Braids
IG: @modern_blondee

– Three Blonde Braids and a Ponytail. Darker roots are a must for more dimension in this hairstyle.

Messy Blonde Braids
IG: @leanneliepinshair

– Braided Blonde Hairstyle with Bows. This long blonde braid is enriched with multiple hair bows. Cute!

Blonde Braids Bow Hairstyle
IG: @sandimonzon

– Blonde Scalp Cornrow Braids. These braids are called scalp braids or cornrow braids, and they look great in a blonde hair color. Especially if done on naturally dark locks with the help of blonde extensions.

Blonde Braids Heart Shape
IG: @studionayoliveira

– Thin Blonde Single Braids. Thin blonde braids look very attractive in a ponytail. Use several braids instead of the elastic.

Blonde Braids in a High Ponytail
IG: @braidhair.style4

– High Blonde Ponytail Braid. Be sure to make it fluffy and voluminous. Leave several front strands messy.

One Fluffy Big Blonde Braid
IG: @nia_hairstyles_

– Milkmaid Blonde Crown Braids. Oh these curly front pieces! They have stolen out hearts!

Blonde Braids on the Crown
IG: @sarahdidmyhair

– Two Blonde Dutch Braids with Ponytails. This braided blonde hairstyle is a head turner and very convenient. What else do we need every day?

2 Blonde Braids
IG: @sarahdidmyhair

– Upside Down Blonde Braid. Leave the rest of the hair in a ponytail or create a puffy top bun.

Blonde Upside Down Braid
IG: @hairbyfrankie_

– Honey Blonde Braids with a Side Shave. Braids and shaved sides are a classic combo that is always on trend.

Honey Blonde Braids with Shaved Sides
IG: @luscioushairbraiding

– Two Braids in the Crown Area with Real Flowers. A good idea for a boho wedding party be it your wedding or your best friend’s.

Blonde Braids Short Hair
IG: @brautliebe_makeupbysandra

– Blonde Tribal Braids. Instead of all-braids-back plaiting, braid your hair in two different directions.

Blonde Braided Hairstyle for Women
IG: @oobraider

Have you found that blonde braid or braids that are worth trying during your next visit to the salon? We hope that this gallery helped you a lot. Natural blonde braids and dyed blonde braids look very beautiful, be sure to give them a try asap.