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50 Pictures of the Modern Rachel Haircut You Will Want to Copy

“The Rachel” haircut has achieved iconic status, recognized by women worldwide for its signature features: medium length, layers that elegantly frame the face, and subtle highlights. However, it’s high time to infuse this classic style with a modern twist to keep it fresh and on-trend.

The mastermind behind the iconic Rachel cut is Chris McMillan, who crafted this style specifically for Jennifer Aniston’s character on the beloved TV show “Friends.” With the release of “Friends: The Reunion,” there’s been a surge of interest from women worldwide seeking contemporary interpretations of this haircut online and requesting it at salons. Whether you’re one of those intrigued by the allure of this timeless hairstyle or simply curious about its modern adaptations for 2024, we’ve got you covered. Explore the images below to see how top hairstylists and real women are sharing their insights and experiences with us.

Who Invented the Rachel Haircut
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Jennifer Aniston’s New Haircut 2024

At the SAG Awards, Jennifer Aniston unveiled a fresh appearance, reminiscent of her iconic “Rachel” haircut from the ’90s. This updated version features a sleek long bob, offering a modern twist on the beloved style. Despite the homage to her famous character, this new haircut lacks the signature volume that made the original haircut so distinctive. Nonetheless, Aniston’s chic interpretation showcases her timeless style and ability to reinvent classic looks. If you want to choose a more classic cut of this celebrity, or a shorter lob version of it as Jennifer Aniston sported in 2024, we have a lot of ideas for you!

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50 Photos of this Modern Haircut for 2024

Here, we’ve curated a selection of both short haircuts and longer hairstyle options for you to consider.

– The Rachel Green’s Long Bob Cut. We are stunned by this shoulder-length bob reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s iconic haircut, adorned with subtle highlights. They added depth and dimension to the model’s locks. The blend of classic styling and contemporary accents always showcased Aniston’s enduring influence on hair trends.

Shoulder-Length Cut 2024
Credit: @painter.julie

– The Old-Money Cut. This “Old-Money Rachel” haircut is a luxurious shoulder-length bob reminiscent of affluent elegance, adorned with soft, blonde face-framing highlights for a touch of glamour.

Blonde Hairstyle with Money Pieces Near Face
Credit: @epichairdesigns

– Rich Chocolate Haircut. Such hairstyles serve as a symbol of empowerment and confidence for many women. A lot of women will admire its youthful and playful vibe.

Modern Rachel Cut in Chocolate Brown Shade
Credit: @sagradosalon

– Middle-Parted Long Cut Bob. The haircut we are talking about here became a cultural phenomenon in the 1990s. However, despite its popularity, Jennifer Aniston herself later admitted she wasn’t a fan of the haircut because she needed a lot of styling. Now, in 2024, we have a lot of hacks, that will make styling the cut easier. Highlights make the shorter versions of this cut also more low-maintenance.

Jennifer Aniston New Haircur 2024 Long Bob Medium Length
Credit: @reginadoes

– Long Mid-Back Length Cut. Despite its simplicity, the longer haircut requires skillful layering and precision cutting techniques. Moreover, you will definitely want to add one of the trendy hair dyeing techniques to the cut. Find a good hairstylist for your new look and no bad hair days are guaranteed!

Mid-Back Length Cut with Heavy Layers
Credit: @cosmo_by_faith

– Haircut with Classic Highlights and Balayage. This haircut is a timeless classic in the world of hairstyling, but it doesn’t mean that it is outdated. Hairstylists have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to make the Rachel cut modern and trendy.

Mid-Length Cut with Highlights
Credit: @cosmo_by_faith

– Single Color Dark Brunette Cut. The haircut is characterized by the soft, feathered layers and tousled texture, and is known for its ability to flatter various face shapes and hair textures. The haircut in this picture has layers near the face too. These layers add volume to the model’s locks.

Rachel Cut and Face-Framing Layers
Credit: @ernestomeneses

– Light Blonde Armpit-Length Cut. Many celebrities and everyday individuals replicate the iconic Green’s hairstyle on different hair lengths and in various hair colors. This light blonde variation is super-chic and low-maintenance.

Beautiful Layered Blonde Cut
Credit: @livefiore

– Modern Style with Bangs. Еhese bangs and bottom layers will need some styling skills. Ask your hairstylist for styling advice if you opt for this variation.

Layered Cut and Wispy Bangs
Credit: @beautybyabgelamm

– Contemporary Twist on the Classic Green’s Hairstyle for Brunettes. The haircut typically features layers that delicately frame the face, complemented by curtain bangs and flipped ends for added flair. Whether you opt for highlights or not, this style is particularly well-suited for those with dark medium-length locks, promising a perfect blend of sophistication and charm.

Brunette Modern Rachel Cut
Credit: @salsalhair

– The Cut with Fringe and Highlights. Check out this fantastic variation of the Rachel cut, now with added highlights. Incorporating highlights and lowlights into your hair will bring a beautiful depth and dimension to your look.

Green from Friends Hairstyle with a Fringe
Credit: @thehairferi

– The Light Blonde Cut. Looking for blonde cut inspiration? Feast your eyes on this adorable light blonde rendition, completed with face-framing money pieces for an extra touch of charm.

haircut light blonde from Friends movie
Credit: @davinescolor

– Mid-Length Brown Cut with Caramel Front Highlights. If you’re in search of a layered haircut that exudes professionalism, look no further – this style is a perfect choice for you to effortlessly make your own.

Modern Brown Hairstyle
Credit: @vanillaloft

– The Rachel for Senior Women. This timeless haircut is versatile and suits individuals of all ages, with varying hair lengths and types. Its multitude of front layers allows for personalized adjustments that cater to different face shapes flawlessly.

The Rachel Cut Older Women
Credit: @hairapywellnessbeauty

– Blonde Cut with Highlights. Calling all blonde lovers! Whether you prefer a subtle blonde hue or opt for something bolder, the cut can accommodate various shades of blonde beautifully. Consult with your hair colorist to discover the perfect combination of highlights that will enhance your look and complement your skin tone flawlessly.

Haircut with Blond Highlights
Credit: @phiasalon

– Mousy Brown Tinted Haircut. When it comes to achieving the quintessential Green’s haircut from any season, multiple layers are essential. If you’re a fan of layered styles, the modern take on the iconic haircut could be your ultimate hair goal!

mousy brown haircut in Green from Friends Style
Credit: @delilah_diaz_designs

– The Cut with Curls on the Ends. To achieve the look in this picture, flip the ends of your hair and give them a slight curl for that signature effect. The haircut can vary depending on your hair type, texture, and, naturally, your mood, allowing for a personalized touch to suit your individual style.

Haircut with Curls
Credit: @haircreations_bykalli

– Hairstyle with Lots of Layers on Black Hair. Here we’re showcasing a chic side-swept long fringe paired with plenty of adorable layers. This haircut adds volume and dimension to medium-length hair, resulting in a voluminous and dynamic look you will be never tired of.

Layered Jet Black Cut
Credit: @eva.t_hair

– The Blonde Haircut with Highlights. These bangs are absolutely transformative! They introduce a fresh, upgraded rendition of the iconic haircut, ideal for any woman who loves to command attention and be the focal point of the room.

Haircut Highlights and Ribbons
Credit: @raetalbot_salon

– Green’s Cut on Black Locks. The haircut stands out on even the darkest hair shades! Just ensure your locks are as healthy as can be. That healthy glow will truly elevate this haircut, making it absolutely unrivaled!

Black Color Haircut
Credit: @beautyby.keana

– Medium Cut for Thin and Fine Hair Types. The haircut works wonders for finer and thinner hair types, as it adds a touch of volume, especially when paired with highlights.

Thin Fine Hair Cut
Credit: @kassie_b_hair

– Bronde-Colored Haircut. Step layers are all the rage these days, and there’s a growing trend of women embracing their natural hair shades. Bronde dye jobs, in particular, are gaining popularity this year. So, the style showcased in this photo isn’t just incredibly stylish, it’s also right on trend.

Bronde Color Haircut
Credit: @wildflower.dublin

– Youthful Brunette Haircut. This haircut is incredibly versatile and flattering for women of all ages, ranging from teenage girls to those in their 60s and beyond. Whether you’re considering it for your daughter or a friend, the Rachel offers a cool and stylish option that transcends age boundaries – it’s not just for those in their 20s or 30s!

young-looking cut
Credit: @emmacozette.stylist

– Shoulder-Grazing Cut in a Red Shade. With its soft, shiny, and healthy appearance, complemented by expertly crafted layers and a stunning red hair hue, this cut is truly a masterpiece. Agree?

Modern Red Cut
Credit: @kerrydransoffhair

– White Blonde Haircut in a Green’s Style. Rachel cuts that extend to the armpit length tend to suit thicker hair types best. However, with the appropriate layering techniques, your hairstylist can tailor this style to thinner hair textures as well.

Blonde Cut Thick Hair
Credit: @hairbykatieoakes

– Hazelnut Hair Cut with Bangs. If you’re seeking a blonde hair shade that’s anything but ordinary, look no further – hazelnut blonde is the answer you’ve been searching for! This charming and stylish hue complements all skin tones effortlessly.

Hazelnut Dyed Cut with Bangs
Credit: @dannichauhanhair

– Blonde Haircut with Shadow Roots. When it comes to Green’s cuts, highlights are a fantastic addition to this type of haircut. Consult with your hair colorist to select the highlighting technique that suits you best – whether it’s air touch, balayage, traditional highlights starting from the roots, or any other method. Together, you can create a stunning look that enhances your features.

Cut with Shadow Roots
Credit: @studiombymelika

– Beautiful Red Haircut with Layers. Copper hair can complement every skin tone when created by a skilled professional. For those with olive or darker skin tones, opting for deeper shades of copper works best. Meanwhile, individuals with fair or light skin tones can explore lighter and brighter copper tones for a flattering look.

Copper Rachel Cut with Layers
Credit: @tbdhair

– Haircut with Blunt Ends. You don’t have to layer all the length of your hair; instead, you can opt for leaving the ends blunt and adding layers primarily around the face-framing area and bangs. This creates a stylish and versatile look without sacrificing overall length.

Blunt Haircut
Credit: @styledbyferny

– Haircut on Super Thick Long Hair. If you’re blessed with thicker locks, this luscious mane can easily fulfill your hair dreams. Not an owner of thick mane? High-quality extensions can also help to achieve this cool look!

Very Long Thick Cut
Credit: @behind_sarahs_chair_

– Short Bob-Length Cut. If you’re a fan of the bob length but want to stay on-trend for 2024, why not merge the classic bob with Green’s signature layers? It’s the perfect blend of timeless chic and modern style.

Green's Bob Cut
Credit: @shear_drama

– The Cut with Cool Short Bangs. Feel free to get creative with both your hair length and the length of your fringe. Whether you opt for a shaggy texture or incorporate some feathered strands, one thing’s for sure – layers are an essential element for achieving the iconic haircut.

Short Haircut
Credit: @hairbycamillepettit

– The Haircut on Thick Hair with Wave. The Green’s style is incredibly versatile, suiting all hair textures and types. While maintaining its iconic shape, feel free to infuse your own desired vibe for a personalized touch that reflects your unique style.

Thick Wavy Cut
Credit: @gemmacowen

– Modern Cut with a Ton of Layers. Layers, babylights, and feathered ends are the key ingredients that make this haircut exude style and femininity in abundance.

Shor Layered Hair Style
Credit: @bangsforhair

– Haircut with Beautiful Long Layers. Here’s one of the most beloved Rachel from Friends hairstyles, featuring plenty of layers for added depth and dimension.

Rachel Cut Before-After Photo
Credit: @colorful_af

– Burgundy-Colored Cut. Isn’t it surprising to consider such unconventional hair tones for the Rachel-style haircut? Wine-red, maroon, and burgundy shades all beautifully complement the layered Green’s cut. You just need to find your dream tone.

Burgundy Color Haircut
Credit: @styledbystarfire

– Choppy Shag Cut in a Green’s Style. Here’s another fantastic idea to revamp the classic haircut into a modern masterpiece: incorporate piecey bangs and feathered tips for a fresh and trendy twist.

Chopped Shag Cut
Credit: @candeenicolestyles

– Brunette Feathered Cut. Check out how adorable this iconic cut looks on shorter locks! There’s no need to wait for the perfect moment – if your hair is at least chin-length, why not give it a try now?

Plus Size Women Rachel Haircut
Credit: @marlonfcastillo

– Haircut with Color. Inject a pop of vibrant hair color into the iconic haircut, and you’ll witness just how effortlessly modern and chic it becomes.

Medium Rachel Haircut 2024
Credit: @katincali_

– Modern Cut for Girls. Here’s the evidence: the haircut is a versatile choice for all ages, including teenage girls. Would you rock this haircut at school?

Modern Green's Haircut Trend
Credit: @trendsandtolstoy

– The Cut on Stick-Straight Hair. If you have naturally straight hair or enjoy straightening it, you’ve got the ideal foundation for rocking the iconic haircut. Plus, feel free to get creative – add some texture or define specific strands with hair gel to make the look your own. It’s all about embracing your creativity!

Green's Haircut from Friends Movie
Credit: @hairflo.mn

– Modern Long Cut. After all these years, the haircut still maintains its stunning and trendy allure. It truly deserves the title of iconic!

Shoulder-Length Green from Friends Haircut
Credit: @smalltits.bigheart

– Thick Chunky Traditional Highlights. The chunkier and more pronounced the highlights, the closer your haircut will resemble Green’s iconic look. Don’t forget those shorter front strands and feathered tips – they’re still essential for achieving that signature style.

Long Hair Style from Friends Movie
Credit: @omgzrachel

– Iconic Haircut on Jet-Black Hair. Brushing your hair back can give the cut a whole new look. So, don’t feel restricted to just one style that you have to stick with all the time. The versatility lies in how you choose to style your layers.

Beautiful Layered Haircut
Credit: @jessyhairstylist

– The Rachel Cut with the Right Blow-Dry. The final look of your haircut heavily relies on the styling technique. Mastering the art of blow-drying is essential. You can check out a brief demonstration of both the cut and blow-drying process in this video.

The No-Bangs Rachel Haircut
Credit: @tanaschooler

– Low-Maintenance Cut. Another fantastic aspect of this haircut is its low-maintenance nature. With the right texturizing product to add some texture, you’re all set! It’s a simple yet stylish look that doesn’t require much upkeep.

Voluminous Haircut from the Friends Movie
Credit: @emily.shark

– Highlights in a Classic Cut. Consult with your hairstylist about incorporating highlights using techniques like balayage or foils, and you’ll witness how it lends a lived-in, effortlessly chic appearance to your hair.

Center-Parted Cut
Credit: @penningtonbeauty

– A Great Idea How to Style This Haircut. To achieve the same volume as miss Green had, mastering round brushing is key. You can follow along with this helpful tutorial to perfect your technique.

Neck Length Haircut
Credit: @xtinabianco1

– The Easy Blow-Dry Tutorial. Be sure to take a look at this additional tutorial on how to achieve the perfect blow dry for this type of haircuts, whether it’s for yourself or your best friend. This DIY video on YouTube provides a comprehensive guide to nail the iconic hairstyle.

The Haicrut with Longer Bangs
Credit: @colormekara

Are you loving these photos showcasing this trendy haircut? Which hairstyle would you be tempted to try? Are you a fan of her long, medium, or shorter haircuts? Share your favorite hairstyle in the comments below, and stay tuned for more captivating blog posts and stunning photos!